Smile Kombucha

The Original

Tea - Scoby - Simplicity!

Our Original Kombucha is an ode to simplicity, it is a superb evidence that Kombucha in its purest and simplest form can be authentic and tasty at the same time.

We use only the basic ingredients of Kombucha : filtered water, tea, sugar, and our Kombucha culture (SCOBY). The art of slow fermentation and our craftmanship make this kombucha develop a great balance between flavors of tea and fermentation.


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Mighty Berry

Strawberry - Raspberry - Hibiscus

The Berry One!

We wanted to develop a variant that can join you for early breakfast moments or late cocktail times. For these very special moments, and others, we have brewed this kombucha partnering with red fruits (strawberry and raspberry) and hibiscus. As in all our variants, you will first recognize our strong kombucha taste. Then you will be amazed by the equilibrium between acidity and roundness.

This is Julian’s 2 years old son favorite one! 🙂

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Ginger Boost

Ginger - Passionfruit - Lemon

The Spicy One!

Take this Ginger Boost Kombucha if you like your tongue to be tickled with delight!

We wanted to avoid making another «Ginger Lime» Kombucha, so we experimented with other fruit that could give us a good balance between ginger spiciness and the acidity that helps it shine. Passion fruit really boosts all the flavors and makes the ginger burst.

And guess who is our super start according to Great Taste Awards? Yes it is! 😉


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Hopped Citrus

Hops - Grapefruit - Zests - Lime

The Hoppy One!

Hops is the star of this variant! With our brewer coming from the beer world, this idea was in our mind for over a year and we are super exited to share this new Smile with you!

With this variant, you will discover fruity and exotic aromas and taste a delicate bitterness that is sustained by the citrus zests. Then the grapefruit is providing a beautiful freshness and acidity to balance this Kombucha, that is obviously brining memories of beers like India Pale Ale back to our mind.

This Kombucha will easily replace beer, and can be enjoyed without moderation !

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Goji Goodness

Mango - Peach - Goji

The Juicy One!

Goji Goodness is the variant we created to harvest the power of Goji berries. We surrounded that very shy but mighty fruit with Mango and Peach, to balance some of the sourness of our Kombucha and express their juicy flavors to make it oh so enjoyable.

If anyone tell you they don’t like Kombucha, put their words to the test with this baby !


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Trust Your Gut!

We craft your healthy habits

Made in Brussels
We want to bring our Smiles to the Kombucha community
ne drink at a time

Smile Team


We brew, ferment and bottle our kombucha ourselves, using traditional methods and quality brewing equipment.

Our Kombucha is not pasteurized, meaning that the good yeast and bacteria are still alive and will help keep your gut happy.


All our kombuchaʼs ingredients are natural. No colorant, edulcorant, sweetener or conservatives are used in our process.


The flavors of our kombucha come from the tea, fermentation, fruits and botanical we infuse in it. Never from added flavors (not even natural (FTNF) flavors).

Where to find a Smile?

Une magnifique boisson à boire sans modération ??‍? (Spotted on Instagram)

Chef Laurent Martin

Tout & Bon

Smiles all the way from production to final customer, we are proud to pioneer Smile Kombucha's development in Brussels ! The only problem is that our staff keeps drinking our supplies...

Martin Timmermans

Manager @The Barn Ixelles

I absolutely love it, I’m a big Kombucha fan so I like the strong taste it has. It’s very different from the other kombucha’s I’m used to buy in shops, but it very close to my home made kombucha, which makes it very authentic.



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