Organic, handcrafted & rawSmile Kombucha

Organic: Immerse yourself in the pure joy of organic goodness. Smile Kombucha is a symphony of flavors, meticulously crafted from the finest organic tea and sugar cane.

🔥 Raw: Unpasteurized for your well-being! Keep the fire of fermentation and micro-organisms alive in every bottle. Smile Kombucha is your daily shot of vitality for a healthier body and mind.

🇧🇪 Belgian Craftsmanship: Handcrafted in Brussels, every bottle of Smile Kombucha is a testament to our Belgian brewing excellence. Taste the authenticity of our locally bottled elixir.

😄 Fun & Happiness: Elevate every occasion with the perfect companion. Whether it’s an aperitif or a lunchtime refreshment, Smile Kombucha is the flavorful choice – low in calories, high in taste.

In essence, Smile Kombucha is more than just a drink; it’s the reflection of a growing trend towards mindful consumption. It represents a shift towards beverages that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial to our health.

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The Original

Tea - Scoby - Simplicity!

Our Original Kombucha is an ode to simplicity, it is a superb evidence that Kombucha in its purest and simplest form can be authentic and tasty at the same time.

We use only the basic ingredients of Kombucha : filtered water, tea, sugar, and our Kombucha culture (SCOBY). The art of slow fermentation and our craftmanship make this kombucha develop a great balance between flavors of tea and fermentation.

This kombucha is our base for all our variants. And it has been recognized by the famous Grate Taste Awards competition! What an honor and recognition for the daily work of our beloved brewers! 🙂

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Smile Kombucha The Original

Super Summer

Verbena - Lemon

Well… The Sunny One!

Regardless of the weather, this Super Summer will bring you a holiday like state of mind.

Summer, sun, freedom, outdoor sport,… THE BEST SEASON FOR KOMBUCHA. For a while, we have wanted to add a refreshing variant. To kick off this 2023 summer, here we are: we infused verbena and lemon in our famous original kombucha. The plant delivers a tasting start/kick on a positive freshness side, while the fruit supports the taste experience duration and its dynamism.

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Mighty Berry

Strawberry - Raspberry - Hibiscus

The Berry One!

We wanted to develop a variant that can join you for early breakfast moments or late cocktail times. For these very special moments, and others, we have brewed this kombucha partnering with red fruits (strawberry and raspberry) and hibiscus. As in all our variants, you will first recognize our strong kombucha taste. Then you will be amazed by the equilibrium between acidity and roundness.

This is Julian’s 2 years old son favorite one! 🙂

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Ginger Boost

Ginger - Passionfruit - Lemon

The Spicy One!

Take this Ginger Boost Kombucha if you like your tongue to be tickled with delight!

We wanted to avoid making another «Ginger Lime» Kombucha, so we experimented with other fruit that could give us a good balance between ginger spiciness and the acidity that helps it shine. Passion fruit really boosts all the flavors and makes the ginger burst.

And guess who is our super start according to Great Taste Awards? Yes it is!
(Available in lover format – 33CL – or extreme lovers format – 1L :))


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Hoppy Citrus

Hops - Grapefruit - Zests - Lime

The Hoppy One!

Hops is the star of this variant! With our brewer coming from the beer world, this idea was in our mind for over a year and we are super exited to share this new Smile with you!

With this variant, you will discover fruity and exotic aromas and taste a delicate bitterness that is sustained by the citrus zests. Then the grapefruit is providing a beautiful freshness and acidity to balance this Kombucha, that is obviously brining memories of beers like India Pale Ale back to our mind.

This Kombucha will easily replace beer, and can be enjoyed without moderation !

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Smile, it’s good for you !


We brew, ferment and bottle our kombucha ourselves, using traditional methods and quality brewing equipment.

Our Kombucha is not pasteurized, meaning that the good yeast and bacteria are still alive and will help keep your gut happy.


All our kombuchaʼs ingredients are natural. No colorant, edulcorant, sweetener or conservatives are used in our process.


The flavors of our kombucha come from the tea, fermentation, fruits and botanical we infuse in it. Never from added flavors (not even natural (FTNF) flavors).


-2018- It all starts with Tommy, founding brother of Smile, who swears by Kombucha since he lives in The Staaaates. Refreshing, sparkling and antioxidant, Thomas is convinced that this tea fermented with a scoby (same same mother of vinegar but different) can be a hit in Belgium! Neither one nor two he talks about it to his brother Augustin...



-2019- That's good, Augustin has just launched a chain of SaladBar in Brussels and intends to test Kombucha in his restaurants. After months of testing with no less than 1211 infusions and nearly 652 fermentations. As things progress, Kombucha drink become a best seller in Augustin's saladbar. This is time to grow up and make it pro !



He recruited Nico, then Brewer at Inbev, to develop a unique and artisanal recipe. Passionate about fermentation and experimentation, he is the scoby hotel manager :) A few months later, Nico develops the magic and holds THE recipe ! The Optimist Brew Company is Born <3 There is no more ...


The Scoby Hotel owner

-2020- There is no more to ran into a friend, Julian, looking for a start-up project, who was too excited to join the team to develop the brand. His talents as a consultant bring a whole new dimension to this Smile. In less than a year, sales take off, the garage becomes a Brasserie and Brussels starts selling Smile :D


The Brain

-2021- In the meantime, Gauthier has joined the dream team in order to deploy the full potential of Kombucha in Belgium. He is THE smile/dream seller ! Thanks to his BIG SMILE, no one can resists him ! Folks, be ready to put some Smile in your life.


The Smile Seller

-2022- All that was missing was a bit of fresh flesh to continue this rise of optimism. Say hello to Marcel, the proper tea lover ! Beware - Beware : with his fresh Smile and his fresh Ideas , sky is his limit :D


The Tea Lover

The smile team

-2024- We're growing and we're always on the lookout for happy minds to join our tribe ! Check our open positions on :


The future smiley face


Excellente !! Goût prononcé vraiment délicieux. Une des meilleures Kombucha que j’ai goûté

Jeremie Lambin

Freddy met Curry

Smiles all the way from production to final customer, we are proud to pioneer Smile Kombucha's development in Brussels ! The only problem is that our staff keeps drinking our supplies...

Martin Timmermans

Manager @The Barn Ixelles

I absolutely love it, I’m a big Kombucha fan so I like the strong taste it has. It’s very different from the other kombucha’s I’m used to buy in shops, but it very close to my home made kombucha, which makes it very authentic.



Beware, their healthy beverages are highly addictive! 🤤

Hadrien lH

Co-founder @Superbowl

Happiness in a bottle ! Lemon and ginger is an absolute beauty, makes me smile every time. Looking forward to taste the latest addition! @Google

Nathan D.

Smile Kombucha is the finest local delicacy I could find in town! Between sweet and sour refreshing taste, I enjoy particularly the citrus and ginger. Highly recommended and ideal for a healthy morning boost!

Arnaud dLh.

"Quand Smile Kombucha devient le sponsor des journées chaudes au bureau"

La team e-farmz

Community Manager

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